Toll of human trafficking gains notice of lawmakers, law enforcement

The NC Values Coalition is proud of all of the work we have done to tackle human trafficking. Many are not aware that sex trafficking is an issue that plagues many cities in the United States, including cities in North Carolina. Many women are trapped in this industry and do not have the ability to leave/escape. North Carolina has sadly become one of the top ten states for trafficking in the United States.

The NC Values Coalition is fighting to reach out to these women and provide them with rehabilitation centers and resources to escape and turn their lives around. We have also supported efforts to raise felony levels for pimps. 

Read more from The Carolina Journal:

It happened so quickly.

Joy Anderson was first deceived.

Then, she was lured into a prostitution ring.

Anderson, one of four adopted children, had a good home life. But she felt like an outsider, a perception she attributes to her dark skin and unique personality.

She met her traffickers at age 19, and, as odd as it now sounds, Anderson found a place to belong.

“[I was at a nightclub] and this girl came up to me and pulled out $2,000 or $3,000,” Anderson said. “She told me that I could get that much. She told me that it was easy, so I met her whole team. At the time I met the person that I thought was her boyfriend. But it was her pimp.”

“At the time, they took care of me, and gave me a small sense of protection and love.”

Until the violence began. Until she became trapped.

“The pimp asked me to do something for him. He asked me to go see somebody and sleep with him for money. It was like I owed him that.”

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