Trampled Roses

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7:30pm February 21st 2017

This week, the Washington State Supreme Court trampled on the religious freedom of florist Baronnelle Stutzman by ruling against one of America’s most steadfast traditions and constitutional rights.

For years, the NC Values Coalition has warned about the harmful effects these non-discrimination ordinances have by forcing business owners like Baronnelle Stutzman to violate their religious convictions. Washington's harmful non-discrimination law has caused this 72-year old grandmother to lose her livelihood and possibly her home just for following her conscience, and this points to the virtue of having HB2 in place in NC, so that government can't coerce violations of conscience and take away freedom.

Unfortunately, Baronnelle is not alone in her story. Others all across the US have faced similar experiences. Starting Tuesday at 7:30pm next week, we'll be launching our series of Facebook live town halls. We'll be letting individuals like Baronnelle tell their personal stories, and we'll learn why #ReligiousFreedom protections are so important.

But we need your help to get these stories to your legislators and neighbors! 

Thanks to your help this week, we've funded over 75% of the costs of our first event. Would you consider making a $5, $10, $25, or $50 donation to help us fund 100% of it by the end of the day?



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