First Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools introduced the transgender unicorn. Then, they tried to impose transgender curriculums to 1st graders with Jacob's New Dress. Now they want them to learn about transgender crayons.

We sent CMS a clear message that we won't stand for their attempts to undermine our role as parents to develop our children's morality and values, but they didn't listen. They just went ahead and replaced Jacob's New Dress with a book called Red: A Crayon's StoryInstead of teaching 1st-graders about boys wearing dresses, they're now teaching 1st-graders about transgender crayons. The book is another attempt to push transgender curriculum on our children, by teaching kids about a crayon named "Red" who has a bright red label, but is in fact blue. 

Imagine how confusing it is for a 1st grader to be told a red crayon can actually identify as a blue, let alone that boys can be girls and girls can be boys. CMS may have heard from us, but they're not listening.  

We need you to take a minute to email and call them today, and tell them to stop forcing transgender curriculums on our children!

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