USA TODAY: Transgender Kindergartner

A newspaper in Asheville has written a glowing report about a transgender kindergartner in Asheville.  The boy, who identifies as a girl, and his parents are seeking special treatment for him, although denying reality only confuses and emotionally damages the other children in the school.  This is a blatant attempt to gloss over the problems created by denying reality in a classroom of kindergarteners.

From the USA Today:

A chart hangs in a hallway between the bedrooms of a sister and her two brothers. Their parents – as many parents do – have etched lines marking the height of each child over the years.

The smallest among them is Colton, the third son of Amy and Kevin. The blond-haired, green-eyed baby loved to snuggle, said the child's mother.

Each mark represents a year of memories, she said. As the children reach new heights, they develop their own personalities and transform in ways beyond a parent's control.

By age 6, the name "Colton" had all but disappeared from the chart. It had been replaced by “Emma,” a name the child gave herself as she began to discover her gender identity and her parents decided they would not force her to be someone she is not.

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