Voting on March 3rd is the most pro-values thing you can do.

We wanted to make sure you were aware that TOMORROW—Tuesday, March 3rd—is your last chance to vote in this important primary election!

Incase you didn't get a chance to vote early, we strongly encourage you to practice your civic duty by voting during tomorrow's election.

If you're considering sitting this one out, don't. 

We need Christians all across our state to vote in every election—be it voting for primary candidates, for municipal local elections, or for the president of the United States.

Regardless of the time of year or the offices up for vote, every election is equally important and worth participating in. Throughout the year, the NC Values Coalition is active on the front lines of the culture war battling:

  • Against privacy invading transgender policies in bathrooms and locker rooms, as well as high school athletics
  • Against sex-ed curriculums that promote LGBT behaviors and early sexualization
  • For legislation that would protect babies born alive after a botched abortion with life-saving medical treatment
  • Against abortion-on-demand all the way up to birth and paid for with taxpayer dollars
  • For policies that protect religious freedom
  • For school choice and allowing parents the freedom to choose the best educational opportunities for their children.

However one thing all our battles share in common is that many of them originate with elections. Who gets elected is more important than what you say to them once they are in office. School boards, County Commissions, the General Assembly, Congress, and the President determine the policies and laws that affect our everyday lives and the freedom that we have to live out our values.

The biggest impact we can make in defending our pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious liberty values is to get individuals elected to office across all levels of government that share your values. It is much easier for Christians to vote value-defending candidates into office like Dan Forest who is running for Governor, than it is to reverse the damage done by individuals like Governor Cooper who continue to try and promote policies that seek to turn North Carolina into New California.

This is especially the case with primary elections, which set the bar on just what type of value-defending representatives we want to send to the general election.

Many of you have contacted us asking which candidates we think are best suited to defend your values. This is one of the primary reasons we sponsored the independent iVoterGuide, which allows you to search candidates on your ballot and see which ones best match your values.

We strongly encourage you to review the iVoterGuide, and our NC Values Legislative Scorecard, and use these resources to help you determine which candidates to vote for. We also want to remind you that we have endorsed Dan Forest for Governor!

We've also made it easy to find your local polling site. Just click here to visit our NC Values Voter Toolkit, enter your zipcode, and get a map of your nearest election day voting site.

You've got no excuse not to vote your values. We’ve provided you with a number of great tools to make informed choices. At the end of the day, the power to determine which values our state adopts are yours, and it starts with you getting out tomorrow on election day and voting!  


Tami Fitzgerald
NC Values Coalition 

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