We warned you about Cooper's bathroom compromise...

Today federal district court Judge Thomas Schroeder entered a consent degree in the lawsuit filed by the ACLU and transgender activists against HB142, the compromise legislation agreed to by Governor Cooper and legislators in 2017 at the time they repealed HB2. While we have been opposed to the compromise reached in HB142, we predicted this moment. 

Governor Cooper negotiated a compromise that appeared on the surface to protect privacy and safety by keeping men out of women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms, but in reality his settlement did nothing to protect your privacy. In fact, since the fake compromise he has been working behind the scenes to surrender your privacy rights to extremist groups like the Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC, by entering into a consent decree that basically gives the trans activists and the ACLU everything they wanted—a fake settlement of the lawsuit!

Governor Cooper’s fake settlement is actually like the fox watching the hen house. He and Attorney General Stein have never stood in defense of our privacy and protection when it comes to keeping men out of women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers, and now they are forcing women and girls to lose their right to privacy and safety in public facilities they control. 

Thank God that public schools are not under the Governor’s control, or every bathroom and locker room in public schools would be open to members of the opposite sex. Women and children have an equal right to safely access public restrooms, showers and changing facilities without risking their safety or seeing men’s genitals on full display.

Legislators were wrong to repeal HB2 and forge a compromise with the Governor, because he cannot be trusted. He has acceded to the demands of radical groups and transgender activists instead of protecting your right to protect your daughters and granddaughters from invasion of their privacy by transgender activists who are waging war on our culture.

Are you ready for living in a state where a minute minority of radical sexual activists dictate to the majority of us by taking our right to privacy?

We're fed up! It’s time we had a Governor who will put our rights and safety first. 

Be assured our coalition will continue to champion privacy protections and advocate for elected officials who will do the same. But we need your support to continue to champion this issue. Please, if you can, support our work by making a $100, $75, $50, or $25  donation today!


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