What is Welcoming Schools?

What will your children be learning when Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools implement the Human Rights Campaign's school anti-bullying program.


The Human Rights Campaign is America's largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer equality. This Washington, DC based organization is one of the most powerful LGBTQ organizations in the country and receives millions of dollars in funding from foundations and large corporations.

Welcoming Schools is an anti-bias-bullying program targeted for K-8th grade schools written, created and distributed for free by the Human Rights Campaign. To achieve the goal of placing Welcoming Schools curriculum schools nationwide, the Human Rights Campaign has chosen to use indefinite terms like “family diversity” and “inclusivity” that provide little insight into what the program actually teaches.

The Welcoming Schools program promotes the idea that elementary students are developmentally mature enough to discuss topics of sexual orientation and gender expression as early as kindergarten. The goals of the program are clear: reduce bullying of LGBTQ youth through normalization of LGBTQ lifestyles. However, the unstated goal is indoctrination: to transform societal morals through this normalization process. To teach the youngest of children what to think about sexuality, not how to think. At a time when young elementary aged children are forming their own identity, confusing sexual orientation and gender fluidity messages are developmentally inappropriate.

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    I do not agree school systems should get involved. It is the parents responsibility.