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In the past two months, a number of stories have forced the American public to reassess their positions on abortion. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that in 2019 our culture is approaching a major crossroad when it comes to the future of Roe v. Wade. 

It's also not an exaggeration to suggest that the NC Values Coalition is making every effort to ensure our state and country takes a path that leads towards protecting the unborn. 

According to a recent Marist poll, Americans are now as likely to identify as pro-life (47%) than pro-choice (47%). Marist' survey a month earlier—which was before the types of stories below—saw only 38% of Americans identifying as pro-life. We want to make sure that you're up to date on what has been happening as it relates to the unborn, and what we've been doing to protect them:

  1. Legislative Updates
    1. State & Federal Updates
      • In anticipation of the reversal of Roe v. Wade, states like New York, Rhode Island, Illinois, Vermont, and New Mexico have sought and passed legislation that allows for the murder of unborn babies even seconds before birth ("late term abortion").
      • In response, states such as Arkansas have passed "trigger laws," which would outlaw abortion in their state in the scenario that Roe v. Wade gets reversed. Other states such as Missouri, Kentucky, and Iowa have responded with additional protections for women and the unborn.
      • Congress responded by proposing protections for babies born alive as the result of failed abortions. However, Democrats in the Senate and House blocked Sen. Ben Sasse and Rep. Mark Walker's born alive bills.
    2. NC Values Updates
      • The NC Values Coalition has taken the fight directly to our General Assembly. We've been busy advocating for passage of four pro-life bills: SB-51 & HB-54, which make it illegal for a physician to perform "dismemberment abortions" in North Carolina; and SB-52 & HB-53, which requires doctors to educate women about abortion pill reversal. 
  2. Executive Updates
    1. State & Federal Updates
      • Some state executives have shocked the nation by the lengths they are willing to go to champion abortion. New York's Governor Cuomo had the One World Trade Center building display pink lights to support New York's abortion legislation. On a radio interview, Virginia's Governor advocated for what could simply be described as infanticide. 
      • In response, the Trump administration has pulled through on promises to defund Planned Parenthood. Earlier this month, the administration announced an administrative rule that defunds Planned Parenthood by as much as $60,000,000 in taxpayer dollars.  
    2. NC Values Updates
      • This month we invited our community and online North Carolinians to take a survey that asks whether Gov. Cooper should support the type of late-term abortion advocated by other Democrat governors and by NC Democratic legislators in 2017. We heard from nearly 10,000 North Carolinians, and remarkably 99.8% of those who participated asked Gov. Cooper NOT to support late term abortions. We were shocked by the response. We have never seen such a majority in any informal survey we've conducted online. Ever. Let's hope Gov. Cooper gets the message. 
  3. Judicial Updates 
    1. State & Federal Updates
      • Earlier this week, it was reported that three states—Washington, Oregon, and Colorado—have filed suit against President Trump's recent effort to defund Planned Parenthood. 
    2. NC Values Updates
      • In contrast, I submitted another amicus brief through our sister organization to the Supreme Court. Our brief was filed to support a petition for certiorari in the case of Box vs. Planned Parenthood, which is a case about an ultrasound law that was struck down in Indiana. 

As members of our coalition, you're only exposed to the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amount of labor we do protecting your values in our state, and shaping our culture. 

Thanks to your donations, we're able to advocate for pro-life legislation in our state that bans dismembering an unborn baby during an abortion, and pro-life legislation which forces providers to inform women that there is a procedure to reverse a chemical abortion if they change their mind. However, we're also able to file pro-life Amicus Briefs to the Supreme Court on the issues you care about.

That's remarkable for a state organization of our size!

Two things make this possible: (1) your charitable donations, and (2) our commitment to make sure the impact of your donations go as far as possible.

Today is the last day of February. At the end of every month, we look at the amount of donations we've received, and we strategically plan how we'll be using them to defend life, liberty, and family in our state and nation. We promise you that every dollar you donate to our coalition will have a mighty political return-on-investment. Will you consider making a needed $100, $50, $25 or more donation before the day is over towards our work?

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