Will the Real Governor Cooper Please Stand Up?

Governor Ray Cooper has demonstrated again this week how poor his leadership abilities are and even demonstrated an alarming level of hypocrisy.  The Governor announced that he will veto the bipartisan budget proposal this week. The reason he will veto the budget is because he claims it does not provide enough funding for public education.

The reason that this is so outrageous, is because as Attorney General, he illegally funneled public money to special interest groups instead of our public school system. The Governor must not be able to see how hypocritical his claims are while he stole money from public education for his benefactors. 


Read more from The Civitas Institute:

This week, Governor Roy Cooper announced that he would veto the budget.

One of Gov. Cooper’s criticisms of the bipartisan budget was that there was not enough education funding provided for public schools. A press release from the governor’s office stated, “Cooper highlighted the legislature’s failure to properly fund education. The legislative budget includes no money to help teachers buy school supplies, nothing for schools to hire additional support personnel, and drains millions of dollars from public education to pay for private school vouchers with no accountability.”

Furthermore, he declared that the school choice programs laid out in the budget should be phased out completely in order to return those funds directly to public schools. Not only  does this rob students and families of real opportunities to choose how and where they are educated, but Roy Cooper’s declaration makes him a complete and utter hypocrite.

In October of 2016, the Civitas Center for Law and Freedom (CLF) filed suit against the attorney general’s office, alleging that in his capacity as attorney general. Roy Cooper illegally funneled settlement money to special interest groups instead of distributing it to North Carolina public schools as required by state law.

Article IX, Section 7 of the North Carolina Constitution says that “all moneys, stocks, bonds, and other property belonging to a county school fund, and the clear proceeds of all penalties and forfeitures and of all fines collected in the several counties for any breach of the penal laws of the State, shall belong to and remain in the several counties, and shall be faithfully appropriated and used exclusively for maintaining free public schools.”


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