Worse Than We Thought

As we continue to get deeper and deeper into the results of this election, the number of questionable incidents is worse than we expected:

  • A Democrat-funded PAC called Bladen County Improvement Association PAC milled hundreds of absentee ballots that were witnessed and signed by the same people.
  • Gov. McCrory has filed protests in over 50 counties, insisting some votes have come from individuals who are deceased, felons, or voted multiple times.
  • Incidents have led the Civitas Center for Law and Freedom (CLF) to file a federal lawsuit requesting a restraining order on same-day ballots via same-day registration.
  • These incidents have led Gov. McCrory to file for an official recount.

This is some scary stuff. What makes it even scarier is all the other stuff we're finding out that happened behind the scenes during the election. For example, on October 31st, WBTV launched an On Your Side investigation that uncovered a political group affiliated with Planned Parenthood posing as an "anti-tolls group" to recruit campaign workers in Mecklenburg county. WBTV found the group was actually a front to push anti-HB2 candidates, and attack McCrory.

A spokeswoman from the organization said Community Outreach Group was running a canvassing program for Planned Parenthood Action PAC NC together with Aim Higher Now NC. However, we found it to be a disgusting ring of special interest groups funding the whole thing, with big donations coming directly from D.C. groups like Planned Parenthood Action. 

It gets confusing, but here's what we found:

  • Aim Higher Now NC--the group Planned Parenthood was "collaborating with"--was actually a project of an organization called NC Citizens for Protecting Our Schools.
  • NC Citizens for Protecting Our Schools this year donated $1,475,000 to an organization called NC Families First.
  • NC Families First spent over $2,670,000 targeting Republican members of the NC General Assembly, with almost half of it going towards opposing Supreme Court Justice Bob Edmunds.
  • NC Families First also donated nearly $500,000 to Planned Parenthood Action PAC NC.

This brings us back to where we started. Seems the group Planned Parenthood was "collaborating" with, was really just another group fronting them money.

At this point you're probably asking yourself, why in the world are organizations whose stated purpose are providing abortions and opposing education reform creating anti-toll canvassing organizations?

Why do groups claiming to advocate for abortion and against parents choosing the best schools for their children feel the need to hide behind organizations claiming to oppose toll roads? Perhaps the biggest irony is that a group calling itself "NC Families First" is championing policies and a gubernatorial candidate whose demand that men be able to use a woman's restroom directly endangers the privacy and safety of wives and daughters.

This is only the beginning. We're sure more shenanigans will surface, especially when you recall the same organizations funding these types of organizations probably funded the attacks against vote integrity efforts like voter ID. 

These organizations are not going away. They will use next year to continue undermining our election process by hiding behind special interest fronts. We'll need to challenge them every step of the way. Will you make a $5, $10, $25, or $50 donation to help us fight against special interest groups like Planned Parenthood Action interfering in our state?


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